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Welcome to Moodle 3.1
by Max Brother - Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 2:04 PM

Hello All, 

We are pleased to announce the latest upgrade to Moodle. To start off, please log in using the link on the top right of the page. Use you AJU Email Username and Password to sign in and create your profile. 

Available courses

This course is designed to introduce you to college-level academics, the Politics and Global Studies disciplines, and enduring and contemporary world political issues through watching documentaries and interviews with leading political scholars, theorists, and thinkers.  On the broadest level, politics refers to the competition among people for resources, power, and shared meaning or in the classic iteration of one scholar politics is about “who gets what, when and how.”  While keeping this meaning of politics in mind as the link that ties together all of our course topics, we will be viewing and evaluating how great documentarians and thinkers analyze some of the most important perennial and contemporary political issues and topics, including ones pertaining to American foreign policy, the environment, globalization, human rights, immigration, international relations, nuclear weapons, peace activism and movements, political philosophy, the rise of China, terrorism, and women and politics. 

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