This is the description for PSY 340

This course is designed to help you explore, understand, and develop critical thinking about the biological, sociological and psychological aspects of human sexuality. Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values about identity, relationships, and intimacy.  Together, we will explore historical and current perspectives as well as cultural impact on sexuality and variation of sexual behavior. Topics include: the study of human sexual anatomy and physiology, healthy and dysfunctional sexual functioning, gender identity and gender roles, reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, affection, intimacy, sexual orientation and atypical sexual variations. Tolerance and open-mindedness are essential as you explore various sexual orientations and lifestyles. 

Human development is a complex and fascinating process beginning at conception and continuing across the lifespan. This course surveys typical and atypical human development from conception through the end of adolescence. Readings and coursework will provide basic grounding in major theories of development and an overview of major topics concerning cognitive, socioemotional, and physical development as they relate to multiple contexts of school, culture, and the family. Emphasis is placed on biological, psychological, and socio-cultural influences on development. This course requires no previous background in child and adolescent development.